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Valva Story
VALVA is a trademark of Hera Vina International Joint Stock Company (Hera Vina), belonging to Cong Ha Group. Extending the thickness of prestige from the leading Group in Industry & Construction of Vietnam with experienced Korean joint venture partner, Hera Vina will provide the market with quality guaranteed household products. international standards, in accordance with the conditions and characteristics of the Vietnamese people. VALVA has gradually become one of the PRESTIGE housewares brands in Vietnam with the criterion of TRUST QUALITY OF CREATION.
After 12 years of establishment and development, Cong Ha Group has been ranked in thousand-billion valued enterprise list and owns 6 subsidiaries, 2 factories with total area of more than 40 ha and over 1.000 employees.
With the network of over 30.000 sales points, Congha products has presented throughout 63 provinces/cities of Vietnam and been reaching out many foreign markets such as: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil,…, especially, fastidious markets as Hong Kong,Canada, Japan…
In the coming years, Congha aims to reach sustainable development goals and become over 3000-billion valued enterprise in 2020; To become a leading multidisciplinary economic group in Vietnam and Asia which is specialized in producing and trading in the fields of civil and industrial products, renewable energy (solar and wind power), industrial infrastructure, real estate and furniture.

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